Herbs treatment of liver cirrhosis

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Liver Cirrhosis Phytotherapy

Marchuk Sergey Ilich, herbalist

This information is meant for people suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Despite the provided treatment liver cirrhosis progresses in the majority of the patients and they die in 1-5 years.

Doctors treat patients using artificial drugs almost all of which are toxic in some way. The drug substitutes created by pharmacists cure one disease but cause another.

It is clear that liver cirrhosis cannot be treated with pseudodrugs either by a talented doctor or a distinguished professor of medicine.

It happened that in 1984 I made a discovery: invented the phytotherapy method that cures liver cirrhosis effectively including alcoholic, mixed, drug, biliary cirrhosis and cirrhosis caused by virus hepatitis C.

The phytodrugs developed by me decrease the indices of transaminases, bilirubin and the enlarged liver to the normal state, they remedy ascites, suppress pathological processes of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, kidneys and other organs.

In some cases the state of remission occurs, liver restores not fully but to such extent that the patient’s life can be sustained for many years. And in some cases phytotherapy results suggest that liver cirrhosis has been cured completely.

The possibility of treatment, degree of liver restoration depends on the degree of its affection, organism compensation abilities, personality and age of the patient, way of life, nutrition, immunity level and other factors.

The traditional medicine is able only to slow down the steady progression of cirrhosis. And everyone thinks that it should be so. And in fact (and that is my discovery) cirrhosis as a process can be stopped and its regression is possible.

How can this phenomenon be explained?

Unlike doctors of traditional medicine I use unsurpassed natural drugs – plants. Plants as drugs are essential because they have improved during millions of evolution years. My drugs are not toxic, they do not produce side effects. Besides, liver is able to regenerate and it responds with appreciation to natural and that is to real drugs. And as a result it restores.

The story of discovery

In 1984 I wanted to relieve sufferings of my countrymen, Anatolii Vladimirovich Zabolotnyi, dying from cirrhosis. Certainly I did not hope to cure him. But by chance and at the same time professionally I chose a number of medicinal plants, combined them so successfully that they started the regression process of the disease that seemed to be absolutely incurable.

After the phytotherapy course Anatolii Zabolotnyi lived for 18 years more. A patient cannot live with cirrhosis for so long. It means that cirrhosis has been cured.

The situation and realias are as follows:

  1. A legion of doctors and professors of medicine equipped with current drugs cannot cure liver cirrhosis.
  2. None of the herbalists, except me, for some reason has invented a similar method yet allowing to cure cirrhosis successfully.
  3. Cirrhosis is considered to be incurable in all the countries of the world, even in China with its millennial traditions of phytotherapy.
  4. At the same time numerous healers (sellers of biologically active additives, specialists in bioenergetics and others) pursuing the aim to trick out of money, try to cure incurable diseases, including cirrhosis. At that they give 100% guarantee. They can cure everything but only in word.

In this context my discovery seems to be incredible and impossible. And that is because it is unprecedented.

For those who do not believe I give an irrefutable argument: unlike cheaters who just promise in word I provide documentary evidence that I can treat effectively and even can cure liver cirrhosis.

To buy phytodrugs for treatment of liver cirrhosis you should arrange a meeting beforehand by telephone, come or send your representative to the city of Vinnitsa located in Central Ukraine.

I do not examine the patients so personal attendance is not obligatory.

Besides for a person with ascites and esophageal varicose veins dilatation it is physically difficult and dangerous for life to travel. If on the way oesophagus vein bleeding starts he/she can die.

The patient or his/her representative should submit the following documents to me: a photograph of 4×6 centimeters, passport xerocopy, original examination forms where the diagnosis “liver cirrhosis” is stated.

What for?

  1. For me to know the features of the disease clinical course and to choose a correct therapeutic approach.
  2. The above-mentioned documents will remain in my files. Upon completion of the phytotherapy the patient shall send original examination forms (liver ultrasonic examination) containing the doctors’ conclusion proving absence of cirrhosis.

In turn I shall present these documents to interested people so that there is no doubt that my information it true.

The minimum term during which liver is recovered is 4 calendar months. But often phytotherapy of liver cirrhosis can take 6-8 months and more.

In case of cirrhosis associated with hepatitis C it is impossible to remove the virus. Under the influence of phytodrugs it becomes inactive and as one doctor said: “it is as frozen”.

For the virus not to cause cirrhosis again I give a recipe of a preventive collection, that is a list of medicinal plants that a patient can buy or collect at the place of residence. I advise to take herbal teas lifelong to keep the virus depressed, immunity at an adequate level and liver within the normal range.

As to the other types of cirrhosis after the phytotherapy a patient will forget about the disease as of a ghastly dream. In future the patient will not require phytotherapy if he/she leads a healthy life.

For treatment of cirrhosis I use 4 main collections of medicinal plants. The first collection includes 22 herbs, the second – 23, the third – 30, the fourth – 32 herbs. Some plants in the collections are repeated that is why only 50 plants are used. For indications other herbs are added and additional collections are used. Patients prepare and drink mixed water-based herbal teas at home.

For all the patients the diagnosis “liver cirrhosis” sounds as a death sentence. But certain people who have received my information and undergone phytotherapy can avoid this sentence.

See «Examples from practice».

I can answer your questions by telephone in Russian. More detailed information you can find on the Russian-language site: www.herbalist.com.ua

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