Herbs treatment of liver cirrhosis


Liver cirrhosis is cured!

Marchuk Sergey IlichI, Sergey Marchuk, report: «Liver cirrhosis is cured!»

My information for those people, who wants to cure liver cirrhosis.
All doctors know that curing liver cirrhosis is impossible.

And it is impossible to cure because doctors apply artificial medications. They almost all are in one or another measure toxic.

Pharmaceutical preparations are irreplaceable and rescue life in sharp situations and in other cases.
But from them a small benefit is in treatment of chronic diseases that abbreviate life inexorably.

And however, a rescue is.
For millions of years of evolution nature created unsurpassed medicinal facilities — plants.
Medical plants are especially effective in collections. Collections of medical plants possess unique healthful properties and give the excellent results of treatment of chronic diseases.
I know it from own experience.
More than 40 year I studied a phytotherapy and applied it in practice.
In 1984 by chance discovered that the in curable pharmaceutical preparations of liver cirrhosis was cured by collections of medical plants.

I then treated a sick man — Anatoliy Vladimirovich Zabolotnyi abysmally.
In a hospital Zabolotnyi diagnosed: alcoholic liver cirrhosis, hydroperitoneum, gastritis, cholecystopancreatitis, pyelonephritis. Puncture of front wall of stomach was done him and deleted hydropsy — 15 litres of liquid. He suffered from stomach-aches. From after cirrhosis became thin on 39 kilograms.
The treating doctor of Zabolotnyi said him to the wife:»Your husband will die soon. Prepare to the funerals».
In a complex to treat diseases that appeared at Zabolotnyi, I prepared 4 phytocollections.
Such preparations I make until now.
In the first collection 22, in the second 25, in the third 30, in fourth 32 grasses. Many plants recur in different collections. 50 medical plants are involved in all.
These difficult, multifunction plant-based preparations provide the all-round curative operating on a liver, stomach, pancreas, buds and other organs.

Anatoliy Zabolotnyi left off to drink the home-distilled vodka and 6 months drank decoctions of herbares. And then the unbelievable happened: Zabolotnyi got better, put on weight, recovered the former weight. Stomach-achesceased, as liver cirrhosis and concomitant diseases was cured.
Sick with a cirrhosis livers in the unfolded stage live 5 no more than. Anatoliy Zabolotnyi lived 18 years.

He died in 2002 not from a liver cirrhosis, and from the chasse of lungs, because was the chain-smoker of tobacco.

Thus in 1984 I accidentally did the unprecedented opening: invented methodology of phytotherapy, allowing to cure a liver cirrhosis: alcoholic, biliary, medicamental and cirrhosis in the end of viral hepatitis of С. It is Succeeded tocure any liver cirrhosis, except cardial.

On Earth there are not healers that can cure a liver cirrhosis.
Therefore to the words: «I can cure a liver cirrhosis!» nobody disbelieves.
I do not call to believe, and the words I document:

  1. Xerox copy of passport of patient.
  2. Photo of a patient.
  3. Extract from case history of patient (in an original), with a diagnosis “liver cirrhosis».
  4. Original of ultrasonic research of liver, and also analyses done after the course of phytotherapy, that prove that for this patient of liver cirrhosis it is not already.

Doctors and phytotherapeutists of entire countries on Earth are not capable now, not able and in the future to cure a liver cirrhosis because for them, certainly, it is not, and there will not be the preparations made on my recipes.
Nobody and does not aim to cure. Naturally, nobody, except patients, cruel reality does not worry. Doctors and other healers are indifferent. Especially as money they get not for a result, and for the process of treatment.
Nobody will begin to make preparations on my recipes, if recipes will publish. On simple reason: it is not that business, that gives good moneys, or a powerful lot of money.

Led away by favourite business, I noticed late, that materially did not provide the old age. It would be necessary to be intime commuted on financially advantageous employment. But did not happen so.

On a devasting heat, in the habitat of obtrusive mosquitoesand venomous snakes, I collect my favourite herbares still.

Therefore patient with a cirrhosis livers people have possibility to be cured only until I yet make 4 collections out of 50 medical plants.
Look Examples from practice.
On questions I will answer only in Russian language.

Marchuk Sergey Ilich
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
tel.: +380970828536
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